Hi There!
My name is Paige and I am the founder and owner at PolyPaige LLC.
I am a Chicago native and New Orleans transplant, and after living in Nola for just a little over 10 years, there truly is no place as inspiring and unique as this vibrant city.
I began my artistic career as a cake sculptor and painter and eventually began sculpting clay as a hobby.
I was encouraged by close friends and family to sell my clay creations which later became little wearable pieces of jewelry!
Many of my early pieces were inspired by the things that make New Orleans so special and unique.
As time went on I began exploring new mediums. First resins then laser cut wood and once I found out that acrylics came in so many varieties and colors I just couldn't stop myself!
Most of our products today are made with wood and acrylic but every now and again you may see a little touch of resin, clay, or painting technique that we believe set us apart and make our products unique.
When you support a small business you are supporting a dream.
This is my dream come true and I am so blessed to have the wonderful support of people like you!
Thank you!